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11-Night Arabia & India Holiday Voyage

December 2019

Set sail on an unforgettable 11-night annular solar eclipse at sea voyage.   The party begins in Dubai (UEA) and continues all the way to Mumbai (India).  On this trip of a lifetime, you’ll port in Doha (Qatar), Sir Bani Yas (UAE), Abu Dhabi (UAE), and Muscat (Oman) before ending in Mumbai (India).  History, awe, beauty, exhilaration…and did we mention a solar eclipse.  There are so many reasons to say “yes” to this exotic holiday getaway.


How Accessible is the Azamara Pursuit?

I recently returned from an amazing 19-day European vacation that took me through 5 countries and 13 cities, towns and villages. 10 of those days were spent sailing through the Mediterranean.

I love to travel, but travel can sometimes be a challenge for me. 

Yurbban Trafalgar – Is it accessible?

The first stop on my amazing 19-day European vacation this summer was Barcelona, Spain.

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